Our Mission

When Anjee and I first talked about doing a podcast, my initial interests were largely from a technology/new and cool "stuff" perspective. I love gadgets (except when they don't work as advertised, as my family can attest to), and the idea of researching and setting up recording equipment was a primary driver for me. A bit of a shallow reason, on some level.


But, when we really sat down and started talking about why we would even do this, an old (and reoccurring) topic came up between us.

We should really get more involved in helping the community.

It's something we have been saying to each other for years (quite literally), but we've never seemed to find much time to actually do. 

Then it became clear: If we did this with a commitment to continuously help other people, it would truly be worthy of our (already tightly scheduled) time.

As we started mapping out guests and putting a framework together for the show, we both started to feel it. This was going to be an important project, to actually help other people, at a time when it often seems more common for folks to try to "outshine" each other or to bring each other down (especially with social media).

Our mission is to help people in the following ways:

1) Connecting the right people to each other (or to me and Anjee).

2) Helping a charity / business / individual to become more successful, by bringing awareness to the cause.

3) Our own, physical, hands-on involvement in charities, events, others - and with our own monetary donations.

In any of these cases, we would be actually be helping people, and best of all, we would be doing this for the sole purpose of making other people's lives better.


Although we might mention our individual businesses from time-to-time (writing and health coaching), it's conversational, and the podcast isn't designed to be a marketing tool for personal gain. There are no hidden intentions here.

And that's what it all comes down to: Intention.

true intentions always have a way of directing things (for better or worse).

Anjee and I are doing this to help, and we regularly see the results of that. We've already met some pretty amazing people and gotten involved in helping, in ways we'd not done before, And this is just the beginning. 

We hope you'll join us in our continued efforts to bring awareness to those in need, to get hands-on and volunteer/donate time and/or money, and to support businesses/individuals throughout our local communities and beyond.

Put simply: to help more people.


      - Dan

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