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The "It's All Fine and Danjee" Podcast was born from our desire to help others. We both grew up in central Florida, and we've wanted to be more involved in our community for many years. this podcast is our way of reaching as many people as possible, and a way for us to help promote things/people in all of our communities.

We hope this podcast will serve, not only as a way for us to help, but also as a channel for others to reach out for help, and to give back.

I am a Florida native (an Apopka native too). In my day job, I'm an I.T. Director for a large engineering/architecture firm in the US and Canada. Aside from technology, my passion is writing, and I have two mystery/thriller novels published (available at most online book sellers and at www.danielfoxbooks.com). I love doing almost anything creative, as well as biking and kayaking. 


Born in Michigan, I am a self-proclaimed Florida native, since I love everything it has to offer! a love of adventure and the sun, keeps me busy outdoors.

In my spare time (as if I have much of this), you can find me biking the local trails or kayaking one of Florida's amazing rivers. for my day job i get to work for an amazing family owned & run company called

my favorite things in eustis, fl.

I'm also a mom to two grown men, mother-in-law to a wonderful woman, and a first time GrAnjee to a beautiful little girl! and soon I hope to have the little sound of feet pattering around the house...

(from a puppy of course!)